Association of
Indian Americans in
North America

Bringing the Indian Diaspora and India together

The Association of Indian Americans of North America (AIANA) engages in the betterment of the Indian Community, working towards becoming a bridge between the country of residence and their homeland. The philosophy of AIANA celebrates global culture and cooperation. AIANA continues to make a significant impact on Indian Americans by supporting causes that are important to us right here in USA as well as globally. Initiatives of AIANA help improve ties with better engagement at people to people, policy makers, opinion leaders level connect. AIANA works to renew the spirit of being an Indian. AIANA represents the spirit of the majority of the Indian – Americans in the United States. It is a platform for a meaningful dialogue at various levels, exchange of Culture, Art, Business and Commerce; as also an expression of the values the diaspora. AIANA provides financial and volunteer support to multiple Global charitable organizations. AIANA continually aims to expand global reach and make extra efforts in giving back to the community and the motherland.

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