Connecting... Celebrating... Living India in America

AIANA is a voice of Indian Americans and their hopes and aspirations. We believe in the philosophy of global celebration and global support. We continue to make a significant impact on society by supporting causes that are important to our community in the USA as well as internationally. We focus on issues like:lingerie redube


• Environment awareness
• Awareness in conservation of energy and resources
• Encouragement and awareness of renewable sources of energy

AIANA provides financial and volunteer support to a number of global charitable organizations such as:

• CRY (
• Smile Train (

AIANA has also reached out to local organizations focused on community betterment such as:

• Rutgers against Hunger
• Share and Care
• Indian Health Camp of NJ

We will continue to expand our reach and make extra efforts in giving back to the local community. AIANA also stands by the American armed forces around the globe. We salute and support the troops with our planned program at the upcoming event, dedicated to their courage.

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